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2021/02/03 - 2021/02/04 Cours intensif - Inspecteur de chantier, Vidéoconférence, Québec
2021/02/25 - 2021/02/25 Certification - Inspecteur de chantier, Hôtel Classique, Québec
2021/02/25 - 2021/02/25 Certification - Inspecteur de chantier, Best Western - Montréal Aéroport, Montréal

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The American Concrete Institute (ACI) is a non-profit technical and educational society founded in 1904 and is one of the world's leading authorities in concrete technology. ICA is a forum for discussing all issues related to concrete and problem solving. ACI’s conducts this forum through conventions, meetings, technical publications (ACI Structural Journal, ACI Materials Journal, Concrete International), section activities, and through the work of technical committees. The ACI's mission is to provide knowledge and information in order to have the best use of concrete in the industry.

This requires a willingness on the part of each member to contribute by its training and knowledge for the benefit of the general public. By maintaining a high level of professional and technical competence in its technical committees, in the authors of publications and in the locals, the ACI has contributed to the development of in-depth knowledge of materials and construction of structures.

ACI publishes reliable information about concrete and its applications, organizes educational seminars, offers a certification program for the industry, offers local forums for discussion through the Chapter program, and encourages student participation in the field concrete field of the profession.